About The Book

Free To Enjoy The Purpose Of Life

Jesus criticized those who “do all their deeds to be noticed by men” (Matt. 23:5). Yet we do the same thing today. A great deal of our activities are born of this desire for attention and the often desperate fear of not being known, appreciated, influential, or remembered.

For instance, we pursue positions or accomplishments (such as titles and records); association with things that seem bigger or more permanent (such as monuments); and association with seemingly famous people and things. We also attempt to preserve our personal lives, group history, and culture (through, for example, memorabilia and journals); sometimes seek attention through crime and destructive behavior (such as apparently motiveless attacks on classic works of art, high-profile assassinations, and spree killings); and chase this dream in unexpected directions (such as some religious deeds, bragging about misfortunes, and seeking attention through social media and other Internet opportunities).


But, if Christianity is true, every human being is fully significant or important (in the sense of being known, appreciated, influential, and remembered). This is the case regardless of whether a person is a Christian or seeks to fulfill the purpose of glorifying God. It is also true even of the most obscure or wicked person. Our often frantic human efforts to make a mark or leave a legacy do not make us individually significant. Rather, each of us is significant because: (1) every person is made in God's image, (2) God knows every person exhaustively, (3) God interacts with individual persons, and (4) every person will live forever. As a result, each of us is released from the battle for popularity and is free to be humble, love others, and serve the purpose of glorifying God.